About Concetto

The 3 day technical fiesta of ISM :"CONCETTO" is one of the largest Techno-management fest in Eastern India with a massive participation of more than 2000 participants from 300 different colleges and institutes, who stalk the grounds of ISM to prove their technical expertise. Encompassing the various boundaries of science and technology,Concetto is there with 45 events in all providing a platform to shoot the "TECHNICAL ME" of everyone. Apart from the various Robotics and Coding events, Concetto calls all you budding entrepreneurs to showcase your innovative business skills. Several departmental events of petroleum engineering, mining engineering and mechanical engineering are all lined up as well. At the same time, hone your skills by joining our workshops taken by the eminent personalities in the various fields of science.Packed with this plethora of technical events : competitions, workshops, guest lectures, paper meet and exhibition, Concetto is every bit what an engineering lad aspires of.Prizes worth one million, loads of goodies and lots of lots of fun are all that await one who becomes a witness to this legendary event.


17-19th Oct


the techno battle